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Looking for new inspirations & innovative training formats for your company? Discover our seminars & trainings developed by renowned scientist Dr. Oliver Niebuhr.

Themes & Use Cases

We offer workshops e.g. on the following topics:

Team leader
charisma leadership

Charismatic leadership:
Executive Training

customer support voice score

Customer Support:
How do I sound convincing?

tips for engineers

Tips for engineers:
Communicate difficult topics easily

Female Empowerment
female empowerment

Female Empowerment:
Confident against algorithms

Our Customers

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Charisma is trainable

Our customers improve by an average of 44% in the following values:

+30 %


+34 %


+58 %


+55 %


Training Content

acoustic voice profile

Acoustic Voice Profile®

Our AVP® measures how charismatic you come across and shows you individual opportunities for improvement.

artificial intelligence

Objective feedback

Using precise research data from over 500,000 virtual listeners and artificial intelligence, we generate a scientifically sound assessment of your vocal charisma.

practical training

Practical training

In practical exercises, you will learn and practice speaking charismatically under the guidance of our experts.

trainings software

Training Software

Our specially developed training software supports real-time feedback during the practice phases. Our scoring analysis supports learning with gamification.

Your seminar package



We would be happy to inspire you as part of a keynote presentation, for example as an input talk for team events or recruiting formats, as well as an offer of micro-learning as part of corporate academies.

content and topics

  • Inspiration & Introduction:
    Role and importance of the voice
  • From Charisma Research:
    How charisma works and how to measure it
  • First reflection:
    How do I speak in certain situations?
facts and figures

  • plus60 min inspiration & enthusiasm
  • plusOnline & interactive
  • plusUnlimited number of participants
perfect for

Female Empowerment
ab 000€


Our workshops are a popular, half-day training format for employees & managers. In this interactive session, we delve into the practice of charismatic speaking.

content and topics

  • From Charisma Research:
    How charisma works and how to measure it
  • Practical exercises and tips
    And how do I sound convincing?
  • Analysis of results from Acoustic Voice Profiling®
    Evaluation of the individual AVP's®
facts and figures

  • plus4 h Workshop + Acoustic Voice Profiling®
  • plusOnline & interactive
  • plusup to 15 participants
perfect for

ab 000€


In our bootcamp, participants will learn in 3 interactive sessions (1 x keynote speech and 2 practice sessions) the practical use of charismatic speaking in everyday life.

content and topics
  • Practical use of charismatic speaking in your own everyday life
  • Individual classification & feedback on the results of the voice profiling
  • Listening and speaking exercises, alone and in a group, with training software
facts and figures
  • plus3 sessions in 2 weeks
  • plus2 x Acoustic Voice Profiling® (before/after)
  • plusup to 15 participants
perfect for
ab 000€


In our Masterclass (5-week) we delve deep into charisma training. In a unique learning experience we alternate between input, deep-dives, and practical practice sessions.

content and topics
  • Background & Knowledge of Charismatic Speaking
  • Benchmark with Acoustic Voice Profiling specifically for the group
  • Practical use & transfer of charismatic speaking
  • Deep-Dive to different speaking and everyday situations
  • Learning Experience package of workshops, practice sessions and measurements / individual practice between appointments
facts and figures
  • plus5 weeks with 2 x workshop (start & deepening)
  • plus2 x practice session (90 min) + final session (2 h)
  • plusTraining software + Acoustic Voice Profiling®
  • plusup to 15 participants
perfect for
ab 000€

How can charisma be trained?

Your speaking pattern makes you charismatic

The challenge is to know, control and use the relevant charisma factors. Because the charismatic effect of the speaker is neither left to chance nor to the mood of the day, but can be optimised "on-demand" as best as possible.

Practice creates masters

We analyze your voice and divide it into trainable parameters. In the following training, the parameters that are relevant for increasing the impact your voice can be specifically trained. The training is therefore supported software tools specially developed for this purpose.

With science to training success

Our training & exercises as well as Acoustic Voice Profiling® are based on strict empirical research. Using precise research data from over 500,000 virtual listeners and artificial intelligence, our participants receive a scientifically based evaluation of their vocal charisma.

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